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Is wearing a masks causing skin problems??

I’ve spoken with so many people who are dealing with some serious skin issues from wearing masks that have never previously had any concerns in that area.

Now the warmer weather is also approaching it’s only a matter of time before the addition of sweat is going to make these problems even worse.

With masks required in fewer settings now (yay👏🏻) let’s have a look at a few things you could try to get your skin back on track.


If you don’t normally double cleanse (we may need to discuss this another day if you don’t) you must start now - every night!

The first cleanse will clean off all the dirt, makeup, impurities etc while the second cleanse will actually start to cleanse and heal your skin.

Ideally a milky or gentle foaming cleanser will be best especially if you’re suffering from any dryness or irritation.

A pre cleansing oil is the perfect way to do your first cleanse - it literally melts everything away! And remember a squeaky clean feeling face after cleansing is not a good sign🙅‍♀️


Now is not the time to start with those super high percentage exfoliating serums (eg retinol, AHAs, BHAs) or harsh scrubs - there may be a time for these down the track but trying to scrub those breakouts or dry skin away will only make it worse.

Also please, please don’t squeeze! I know it’s tempting but again it only makes things worse by spreading the bacteria causing more spots and potentially scarring too.

We need to nurture and rebuild this damaged skin first🙏


Try to avoid wearing too much makeup if possible. If you need to wear it make sure it’s mineral based and ensure you’re washing your mask after every use and that of course you’re cleansing your makeup off properly every night!

If you’re still struggling with this area please reach out. All Glo. facials include a thorough skin analysis and I can help you come up with a treatment plan on how to manage this🤍🤍🤍





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